Monday, December 14, 2009

The Milk Maid

The ‘Milk Maid’ had once been a popular country pub, a spot for married bosses in cheap suits to ply their secretaries with plonk before a back seat hump in the woods nearby. I cruised across the pothole ridden car park, Lulu eyeing the dreary exterior nervously, 'I remember it being a bit nicer...' she muttered, it had clearly seen better days. I locked the car and Lulu hurried to my side gripping my arm nervously as we approached the doors, it was after all her first foray into the outside world as my slutslave. Muted techno music pulsed towards us from behind the black out windows. At the doors we glanced at each other, a kind of this it glance, a smile flickered over Lulu's face, 'in for a penny' we both giggled dispelling the tension between us. The last time Lulu had come it had been packed with Essex girls and the males that chased them, skaffholders, squadies and sundry slut hounds but strict enforcement of the drink-driving laws had obviously decimated it's clientele - there can’t have been more than a dozen people in the dump. 

The once chic black leatherette and chrome interior had become tatty, the air was tinged with the aroma of stale beer and fags but as a venue for tonight’s exercise, it's weirdly electric 'anything goes' vibe was spot on. I sighted a table in the corner that gave me a good view of everyone in the bar. Lulu settled in and touched up her ruby red lipstick whilst I checked out the bar flies. They were a weird mix of people, a gang of mostly middle-aged men with ruddy faces in grubby work clothes silently sinking pints of Guinness, on the other side of the bar was a group of women of indeterminate age, travellers, pikies, caravan trash, raucous and stinking of danger. They had thoroughly scoped us out as we had headed across to our corner table and then huddled together whispering and giggling. Their table was chocka with empty glasses, shots by the look of it, they were grown up girls on a night out, all done up in their best pulling outfits; thigh boots, stone washed mini skirts, flimsy tops and loads of make up. A big blonde, who must've been their tribal leader, screwed me out squarely as I slipped off my jacket and shot me a brazenly sexual smile. She actually looked quite horny but for a massive purple black eye. 

The distorted, nasal voice of the DJ cut jaggedly across the pub, asking us to welcome Shanna on 'stage', out strutted a young girl into a crudely spot lit area of a little parquet dance floor at the end of the bar. Shanna wore a skimpy leather bikini outfit and launched straight into an energetic, gyrating dance routine to the fast beat techno track. “A stripper...brilliant!”, I laughed at Lulu who looked a little crestfallen, “take your coat off slut and go and get the drinks”. Lulu tentatively stood up checking out the other drinkers in the bar. All eyes were on Shanna, she shucked off her long black mackintosh and took the ten pound note I offered. “Mine’s a pint of lager, and hurry up I’m dying of thirst”. Lulu nodded and walked the fifty feet to the bar. She was wearing her best ‘evening outfit’, red strappy five inch heel sandals no stockings or tights, a red satin thong and no bra under a white stretch lycra all-in-one halter neck dress. She was a real head turner, the dress nominally reached three inches above her knees but as she wiggled towards the bar on her heels it rode higher and higher up her smooth thighs until she had to tug it down before it threatened to show her buttocks. Her big boobs were cupped by the clinging white material slowing their jiggling somewhat but they still bounced nicely as she walked up to the bar. The young barman nearly broke his neck to position himself to serve Lulu transfixed by those superb breasts jouncing toward him in time with the music. Even the stripper noticed Lulu parading like a fifty quid whore across the bar. Her audience started to look away from her now topless form to watch this new meat on display, in sheer frustration she unclipped her leather g-string and rolled on her back flinging her legs wide open. The men, their attention grabbed by the leather thong that landed among their pints, eventually all turned back to Shanna and stared into her pulsing vagina. I laughed, this was too good, all I needed was ear plugs. Lulu stood at the bar, waiting patiently for the barman to pour our drinks, subconsciously moving her hips and backside to the raunchy beat of the music. The group of caravan girls were all staring appreciatively at Lulu, there heads nodding to the booming dance track, they shouted comments into each others ears backwards and forwards they all laughed and smiled. DJ was also staring at Lulu, he managed to catch her eye and mimicked her half hearted dance and waved, Lulu waved back giggling. The white lycra was stretched tight enough over her tits so her nipples just about showed through and the view behind was equally eye-catching. I couldn’t wait to see the barman’s face when Lulu turned around, the split between the cheeks of her gorgeous ass was clearly visible behind the drum tight lycra .... perfect. The barman took a while serving Lulu, keeping her as long as possible at the bar to ogle her tits, smiling sweetly she scooped up the drinks and made the return journey. The barman stared at her backside as it swayed away from him. On arrival, she bent from the hip to gently set the two glasses on our table - as she had been instructed to - treating the still staring barman to the sight of her dress hem ride up just teasingly short of her buttocks. We clinked glasses and I kissed her cheek, she had done well on her first outing in public. After a few drinks Lulu had relaxed a little and was enjoying her first evening out as my property. She looked around at the grubby bar and moved on her chair to the selection of dance tracks the DJ played. “It’s really seedy here isn’t it?” Lulu smiled. “’s just right, have you relaxed a little now?” I stroked her cheek, she touched my hand and smiled nodding, "your doing brilliantly". Piped music had taken over whilst we were between strippers, the DJ walked casually up to our table. “Hi guys, enjoying yourselves?”, he hardly looked at me so busy was he checking out Lulu’s tits at close quarters, ”the dancer not too rude for you dear”, he patted Lulu’s naked shoulder. Lulu smiled sweetly - as she had been taught -”no she's just fine sir, thank you for asking”. The DJ’s eyes lit up, “well if you’ve any requests my dear, come up and let me know, I love to see people get up and have a boogie after a few drinks”. ‘I fucking well bet you do’, I thought through my fixed smile, again he made physical contact as he squeezed Lulu’s thigh with his greasy paw.  

You’d better get your thinking cap on Lulu my sweet, 'any requests?', I snorted, " I’d love to see you dance for fucko the DJ there....maybe you should save him the last dance?”. Lulu shuddered. The next stripper was another ugly tart but at least she was well stacked. The guys up at the front were having a good time getting quite well oiled, and when the big titted dancer finished they all cheered. The older of the men, the charge hand I guessed, staggered passed us on his way to the bar. “Excuse my rudeness mate,” he began in a thick Irish accent,”but why the fuck do we have to endure these ugly old whores when there’s you beautiful lady there..”. He turned blearily to me and profusely apologised again, he turned back smiling to Lulu, “C’mon darlin’ what d ‘y say.... show us a bit of class”. Lulu gamely laughed off the comment, a hid her face in embarrassment. He touched her shoulder lightly, ”I’m sorry love, I’m only havin’ a bit of fun wid offense meant”. Lulu laughed,”None taken sir, don’t worry.... thank you for the compliment”, she smiled sweetly at the old fellow and he turned and made his way to the bar.  

I took a turn going for a round of drinks. At the bar the DJ sidled up to me and asked, “All right mate, what’ll you have?” he bought us a round and winked at the barman,” Where did you find her?”, his breath stunk of cheap cigars, “We work together in the council offices down in Enfield”, I lied, “she’s amazing isn’t she?”. He flicked out his lighter and offered me a cigarette, “Hmmm..Has she ever done any modeling or dancing on the side?” he glanced over his shoulder at Lulu. “What kind of stuff d’you mean?”, I countered innocently. “Well with a body like that a girl could earn a decent wage in the glamour field or go go dancing, with the right training of course”, he nodded at the sound of his own wisdom. I laughed inwardly at the buffoon’s clumsy maneuverings. “Oh yeah of course... the right training, do you know anyone who she could talk with, it sounds like it’s right up Lulu’s street, she’s a pretty broad minded girl, always the first to strip off on the beach”, I could hardly contain my mirth. The DJ introduced himself, ”Listen friend, my name’s Eddie...Lulu eh?....well she’s a Lulu all right and no need to give her a stage name, you've seen the slags I got dancing here - know what I mean?”, he chortled, ”I’ll give you my number - get her to give me a call tomorrow, she won’t regret it”. Eddie slugged back a cheap vodka and tapped out another fag. “No need mate, I’ll get her to come over and have a little private chat with you and maybe a dance ..if you’ve got time - just so you can see if she’s got any does that sound?”. Eddie was taken aback by the result, ”Oh yeah.. great just tell her to come over towards eleven when the tarts have finished up. I can devote myself to her then..cheers friend”.  

Christ on a bike, what a creep, poor old Lulu’, I though as I returned smiling to Lulu sitting cross legged at the table giving her Irish workmen fans a flash of thigh. Her hips were swiveling in time to the music and she looked even more relaxed than before - alcohol was a wonderful thing. I filled Lulu in on my wishes. “Oh No Master! I’m scared, he’s such a creepy scum bag, I can’t stand him near me!”, she yelped. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right there keeping an eye on my’s just a bit of flirting to wind the creep up, relax it’ll be fine”. I pushed Lulu’s brandy across the table to her, she slowly smiled and took a swig, “OK... just be ready to rescue me if things get out of hand, I’m just going to cock tease him....OK?”. I nodded, “That’s the idea... .this’ll be fun, just enjoy your’s an act..that’s all”.  

The last stripper finished her turn to a meager smattering of applause from the now drunk work men. Eddie was involved with some financial argument with two of the dancers, but I could see he was far more interested in Lulu and he blasted them away with a stream of invective. The girls stormed passed our table giving Lulu filthy looks. It wasn’t Eddie that Lulu would have to watch out for, by the looks on those stripper’s faces I wouldn’t be suprised if they waited for her in the Ladies toilet to rearrange her pretty face with a broken bottle. The barman called last orders and dimmed the lights down to practically zero. “Oh god, he’s coming over”.Lulu giggled, snorting her brandy over the table. “Here’s Eddie”, I said in a Jack Nicholson voice, Lulu giggled again. “Lulu, hi I’m Eddie.. did your friend here mention?.. “, Lulu nodded, ”good, good... give me a few minutes and come on over to my decks for a chat.. OK?” he leered. “Mmm..oh yes that’s fine, I’ll come over in a few minutes, thank you sir”, Lulu managed to keep a straight face, ”phworr, he stinks of BO”. Out of the window I saw the dancers depart in a battered old Nissan Bluebird, at least Lulu was spared any nasty violence. “Go on Eddy’s waiting for you Lulu”. She grimaced at me and got up rather unsteadily and made her way across the bar to Eddie and his ‘decks’. The workmen gave Lulu a big round of applause, as she swayed passed their table, heaping compliments and lewd comments on her in equal measure. The charge hand stood up admonishing his companions and apologising to Lulu again. She blew him a kiss and walked into the spotlight that had been trained on the strippers, turned and bowed in mock thanks to the men letting her tits sway provocatively at them - Eddie picked up on Lulu’s feisty response and he cleverly clanked out Rober Palmer Addicted to Love track. Lulu glanced at me and laughed, it was her favourite letting her hair down in private track! To give him his due Eddie was spot on. The men went wild clapping and cheering as they drank in the vision of her lycra clad form swaying and gyrating for them - if only Eddie could have seen her dancing for me in Mummy and Daddy’s lounge! - Lulu was a little tipsy but that just served to smooth out her moves. I could see she was starting to really enjoying the attention and it was obviously turning her on. She flaunted her body at them, using the same moves I had made her learn to turn me on in our little lounge sessions. Her outfit was perfect for the occasion, she may as well just been sprayed white for all the lycra concealed. Her breasts molded by the stretch fabric swung and bounced outrageously of course the hem of the dress worked it’s way up her thighs giving the cheering men a glimpse of her smiling buttocks. I had never seen Lulu dance in public before, I sat back with the satisfaction that another barrier had been broken down. The record finished and Lulu walked over to Eddie, tugging down that rogue dress, he immediately put his hands on her hips and hugged her, squeezing her boobs up against his chest. I obviously couldn’t hear what he was saying but he camouflaged his subtle groping with excited, banal chat, no doubt about how sensational Lulu was etc..etc..etc. What was fascinating however was Lulu’s reaction to his technique. She seemed bowled over by his sincerity and grinned inanely at him, giggling and touching his arm and chest. ‘so much for the sweaty smelling scum bag’. I smiled, watching as Eddie walked Lulu toward a backroom door, her right buttock cradled in his attentive hand. Without so much as a backward glance at me he swung the door open and propelled Lulu inside with a playful slap on her bum - Lulu giggled loudly as she scuttled through the door before him. I glanced at my watch, in five minute, after I’d finished my pint, I’d knock on the door and extricate my slut. As I sipped my Stella I saw one of the group of women on the other side of the bar approaching my table. She plonked herself down in Lulu’s chair. “Hi, have yer gotta light?” she held up a cigarette. “No sorry love, I don’t smoke”. She was about thirty, heavily built in a horny kind of way, decent tits that looked good and heavy, she had bad skin, her thin lips were painted tart red and her dark eyes were plastered with blue eye shadow and black mascara, she smiled at me,” Never moind I’m tryin’ to give the feckin things up anyways...I’m Tracy by the way”, I introduced myself as Bob “You know Bob.. you want to watch out for your girl in there with that prick Eddie, he’s not to be trusted”, she leant over and put her hand high up on my thigh and whispered in my ear and cut to the chase, “me and my mates think your a bit of a looker”, she looked over at her three companions, the one with the black eye lifted her glass and smiled at me. All the while she slowly let her hand creep up my thigh up to my crotch where she found my erect cock. Her eyes widened subtly and she smiled slyly, “Mmmm..why don’t you take me and the girls home wiv yez tonight, we’ll show you a night to fuckin’ remember,” she traced the outline of my cock with her fingers, gently squeezing the throbbing head between her forefinger and thumb, ” that feels nice ‘n hard Bob, over there is Carolyn, Leanne and the beauty wiv the shiner is Patty, she’s definitely got the hots for you luvver boy... what d’y say?”. Her expert fingers were making a persuasive argument for ditching Lulu for a night of multiple slut sex. Tracy pushed her lips close to my ear and whispered, ”I bet that fuckin Eddy’s got his dirty fingers up your girls cunt by now and I bet she’s luvin it too, he’s a fast worker - I know - all the girls know,” she giggled. Her husky cigarette voice vibrating in my ear was really horny, she felt my cock responding under the grip of her fingers. “C’mon..I’d luv to have you ridin me, fuckin the arse off me... jeez I’m soakin me knickers here just thinkin about it..”, she lifted up her right leg and rested her high heel shoe on my chair so I could see up her denim mini skirt, her bare thighs met at a strip white cotton that had dug into the lips of her vagina and was indeed dripping with cunt juice. I looked over at the backroom door then to her friends, they all smiled hungrily back at me - they reminded me of a pack of vultures waiting for the helpless zebra to surrender to them. “Thanks Tracy but I’d better go and rescue my girlfriend”, she looked disappointed. The gang of labourers filed passed and drunkenly garbled their farewells, we were alone in the darkened bar. Tracy was tenacious, “No problem Bobby boy, why don’t you both come back to our place, we could party. Leanne is partial to the girlies....she nearly came in her knickers watching your Lulu dancing for those dirty ole fellers....c’mon it’d be a lot of fun”, she looked hopefully at me, she turned and waved her friends over. I heard the rustle of carrion bird feathers but the thought of seeing Leanne fucking Lulu was incredibly tempting and finding a lesbian Bitch Mistress to share Lulu was high on my priorities. The other girls sat around me, Patty close up next to me, her shiner was amazing leaving just a slit for her to squint through, and Carolyn and Leanne leaning across the table eager to see what Tracy’s fingers were doing to my cock. Patty put one arm over my shoulder and with her spare hand undid the top two buttons of my shirt, sliding her cool hand over my hard nipples. Leanne looked over at he doorway, ”I really love your girlfriend, she’s a horny dancer and she’s got the bod to go with, is she bi?”, I nodded, Leanne, nodded and stroked her lips absently. Tracy looked at me. “Well luvver boy ..what d’y reckon?”. I nodded. 'sounds a bundle of fun' she unzipped my fly, pulling my rock hard penis out for the girls to check out, they smiled as they watched Tracy slowly stroke the shaft and smear the lube that dribbled out of the tip over the head making it shiny and wet. “I’ll put it to Lulu..I’m sure she’d be into it...just give us a minute alone..OK?...I’ll have to break it to her gently”. I said breathlessly. Tracy took her hand away, and nodded to the others. “OK Bobby boy, we’ll wait in the car park for youz two love birds..we’re in the red Cortina estate". I watched them troop out, they were a formidable sex army, the Stormtroopers of Fucking, I was in awe at their powerful sexual vibe. I looked at my watch Lulu had been in with Eddie for fifteen minutes. I dashed across the bar clumsily tucking my wagging cock away. The door was labeled staff only, I knocked, a voice said come in. There was Lulu with a cup of coffee leaning over some magazines; Mayfair, Hustler, Score, etc. spread out on a desk in front of her. She gave me a big smile and pointed to the magazines, “Eddie took these pictures, aren’t they great?”. Eddie had positioned himself so that when Lulu pored over the magazines he could pore over her body with his eyes. He was just a dirty old man, good luck to him ...I hoped he’d enjoyed his time looking at Lulu. “Wow they’re great, Score is my favorite magazine, I love those huge tits". Eddie nodded thoughtfully, I suddenly felt sorry for the guy. he was just a man getting his rocks off however he could...good luck to him. I hoped he had enjoyed drooling over Lulu...maybe we’d come back so she could dance for him again. I glanced at Lulu and she took her cue from her Master and gathered up the pages of glamour modeling tips Eddie had given her, “We have to go now sir, thanks for being so kind”. Eddie just waved and took another hit of vodka. I helped lulu on with her mackintosh explaining that the night was going to carry on with fun and games with Tracy, Carolyn, Patty and her new Bitch Mistress Leanne. We walked to the car park with Lulu protesting that she wasn’t ready for the lesbian thing yet. To my disappointment there was no Cortina estate car, no Tracy and Co. We would definitely return to the bar soon.

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