Monday, November 29, 2010

The Locker...

The building wasn't as exciting in the stark daylight. Gwen made her way through the dusty passages. In the corner of the warehouse were the offices, now shattered and vandalised. Glass crunched as she picked her way through the debris to a back room. Smashed tables and chairs were in a pile at one end of the office, at the other were some old wooden lockers. Gwen felt an beginings of that familiar excited tension in her stomach. The locker in the corner had escaped the worst excesses of the vandals and stood virtually intact. Gwen pulled away her hardboard camouflage away to check for any interference. She ran her fingers over the lock, it was untouched. Under her tee shirt, around her neck hung the key. 

The locked clicked and she swung the cupboard door open, releasing a cocktail of scents; tobacco, sweat, rubber, leather, men. Plastered over the inside  of the narrow door were pin-up girls of the late sixties. The faded g-string beauties gave the place a seedy, men-only atmosphere. From the poacher pocket of her Barbour she pulled a  little bag emblazoned with the logo, 'Rosa's Lingerie'. She peeped in at the contents, a pair of lacey black briefs. A creaking noise from the corridor made her freeze, her heart  pounded with fear. Her brain accelerated into the construction  of a bogus explanation of her presence in the building. She listened for what seemed an eternity for human signs, footsteps  or voices, but there was nothing. 

The locker was divided into two; a main compartment and a shelf. Gwen carefully placed the little bag at the back of the shelf next to an enamel mug. She smiled as she flicked through the girlie magazine. It was a collection of soft porn photographs purporting to illustrate the secret fantasies of the reader's wives. She tore one of the pictures out and pinned it amongst the others on the locker door. Gwen stared at the image. In the picture the woman was naked save for black suspenders, stockings and high heels. She was gagged and her hands and ankles fixed in an elaborate leather harness. Her pleading eyes were fixed on her captor. Gwen suddenly felt the urge to get clear of the  place, she locked the door and made her way out to the County.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010