Friday, December 10, 2010

The Locker Pt2

The locker room was as she'd left it, even the remains of the girlie mag where still strewn on the floor where she'd dropped it before her hasty departure. Like taking the plunge she took a deep breath and unbuttoned her blouse reaching for the locker key hanging from the silver chain around her neck. Nervous fingers fumbled and bumped into her breasts in their quest. The little key rattled in the lock, then... there was that exquisite smell of leather and tobacco. She reached down and unlaced her trainers, the sensation of her bare feet on the icy concrete floor covered her in goosepimples. 

Her fingers clasped the fastening of her jean's waistband, hesitating for a few seconds to test the silence and make a last visual sweep of the shattered interior. The zip glided open and Gwen wriggled the tight jeans off, one leg at a time. Hopping a little awkwardly to free herself from the stubborn garment she giggled nervously at the comedy, regaining her composure, she slipped off her sensible panties folding them up on the top shelf her jeans hung up in the locker. She reached down and pulled out a shoebox from the back of the locker. From the shelf above, she delicately pick up the little package from Rosa's. 

She bit her lip as she tested the black high heels, normally Gwen would be in trainers or wellies but not tonight. Her raised heels made her feel daring like the city girls she had seen on reality tv shows parading themselves about town centres drunk and shameless. The tiny g-string slipped over her thighs, the string slipping into the cleft of her bottom, she felt a thrill rush through her. Her fingers trembled as she unbuttoned her blouse cuffs, she took another deep breath and freed one shoulder then the other letting the blouse fall away. She nearly orgasmed as she unclasped her bra and felt her breasts pull free and sway in the cool air that now seemed to caress her erect nipples. Blouse and brassier were carefully folded and hung in the locker. 

Gwen's eyes rested on the photo of the bound and gagged nude for a moment then she closed the door and locked it, hanging the key chain around her neck. She made her way down the shattered corridors. The stiletto heels tapped provocatively on the tiled floor, making her smile. At the far end were the old washrooms. The far wall was made up of a full length mirror. She watched her  reflection as she turned, the light sculpting her naked form.  She pulled in her already flat stomach, her fingers moulded  themselves  over her breasts the nipples erect with cold and  excitement. 'Yes' she mouthed provocatively at the whore in the reflection. Her forefinger traced the triangle of black lace that enclosed freshly shaven pussy.  Shivering, she blew herself a kiss.