Thursday, December 17, 2009

a farewell to all that......

A hollow feeling rattled my chest as I silently inserted the key into the Yale lock. Lulu's flat had been her training ground as I coaxed her deeper into a slut's life. A train rumbled across the bridge at Chase Side station, I hid the sounds of the key turning the latch under the screeching of the train as it braked to a halt. I slipped in. 

She was at work, he was away. I stood in the kitchenette doorway, a faint smell of casserole lingered, last nights dinner maybe. I looked down at the junction of the cheap wood veneer of the hallway and the worn kitchen linoleum at the spot where she would kneel to lovingly tease my cock to full erection with her busy mouth. I scanned the tiny galley kitchen, never incredibly house proud Lulu had left it a mess. On the counter was an open can of dog food, the actual source of the casserole smell. A smile spread unbidden across my face at the memory of the bizarre day when after waiting an eternity for her at the flat, I heard the unmistakeable scrabbling of canine claws and the noisy huffing and puffing of Sam, her parent's German Shepherd outside in the stairwell. I dashed to open the door to see a red faced Lulu being hauled up the the last flight of steps by the eager beast, 'bloody dog, we've got to look after 'im this afternoon..he's nearly pulled my fukin arm off!'. 

I mentally shook away the memories to focus on the task at hand. Lulu, in our last phone conversation, had let slip that she had shown some of the photos we had taken, "..back then...". To her surprise but not mine his reaction had been adverse to say the least. He had angrily announced his intention to find and destroy them upon his return from his work trip. I turned from the kitchenette to venture down the hall to the bedroom, if Lulu was content to knuckle under and revert to frump that was her choice but no way was I going to let him carry out his threat. They weren't just negs and photos they represented a major part of my personal history, so tough luck buddy boy.

I set my holdall down and sat on the edge of the bed feeling defeated. As often happens in life, worlds implode and relationships unravel. Ironically after several years of her pleading to give us a go I had finally agreed with her that we should move in together then our world crumbled. Five years in the making two weeks in the breaking. Lulu had taken in a 'lodger' who had conveniently fitted the bill of 'boring husband/father figure' for this 'master/slut owner figure' it was, 'Adios'. Lulu had lured me here about three weeks previously, for what I though was for her to reconcile herself to our plan to "give it a go", actually it turned into a cynical farewell fuck, as she had airily described it. I had lain on the lounge floor, her astride me riding my cock for all she was worth, as she shuddered out her orgasm she whispered "He doesn't get fucked like this y'know...". Too bad for buddy boy and fair play to her, deep down some of my slut training must've stuck fast. I flopped back amongst the tangle of sheets and duvet smelling Lulu's scent. A dog barked way off up Chase side, deep and booming

That afternoon of dog sitting Sam was spent naked on this bed, amongst these same sheets, drinking cheap wine, caressing her and watching her play with her new vibrator. I felt my cock stirring at the memory....Lulu's error had been to not close the bedroom door properly. A noisy tattoo of a train rumbling across the bridge disguised the slight creak of the bedroom door hinge. No doubt attracted by the powerful femme scent emanating from Lulu's cunt as she applied the vibrator around her clit, Sam had quietly padded into the room. Lulu lost in her vibrator masturbation was oblivious to our visitor. I smiled at the big dog, his nose twitched as it tested the air remembering, in some primal cannine way, her unique smell from their first encounter months back. The rattle of Sam's brutal looking claws on the parquet masked by Lulu's porn film slutty moanings as the vibrator buzzzed away on 'max'. Laying spreadeagled on top of the duvet her head resting in my hands Lulu was rapt in our deep kisses. Sam approached his wet nose all a-twitch. He carefully nuzzled his nose between her legs, at first, startled by the cold nosed intruder in her private parts Lulu squealed and tried to squirming away but I held her wrists and now Sam sensing his was in for some fun had his front paws up on the bed his head down between her legs stopping her closing them. Her gasps of protests were to no avail as Sam was able to slap his big wet tongue around her shaven crotch. My left hand twisted her head round forcing her mouth to mine in a deep kiss then with my free hand I pulled her nipple hard making her gasp again. Now she was twisted around so her arse was facing Sam giving him a better access to her her cunt, an opportunity he leapt at shellacking her labia and licking out her clit with his pink, slippery tongue. Her cunt and clit already super sensitised by the thorough dildoing she had given herself Lulu panted and moaned under my kisses as Sam worked on her, it was so incredibly exciting to feel her hips writhing in this forbidden pleasure. As Sam sensed her excitement his pawing claw caught her around the waist leaving red weals where his claws had tracked down over her hips and buttocks, it was an incredibly erotic sight. I didn't want Sam or Lulu to off the boil so I pulled Lulu round onto her knees and with only a half hearted protest she rolled over onto all fours. 

It had proven difficult to get Sam to fuck her properly that first experimental time so I had done some research on the subject. That afternoon I had taught Lulu what I had learned, it was all about getting her in the right position for dog sex so the dog's paws weren't splayed too much. It helped to smear her girlie cunt juice, of which for a girl who claimed to be disgusted there was copious amounts, around her arse and crotch. More juice was to be offered for the dog to lick, it was very important to give the dog visual and audio cues to encourage him to mount. She had to pat her buttock and arch her back drawing the dog's interest to her cunt and arse and call to my delight Lulu had unconsciously ended up using the term 'Onmee darling!' - perfect. The technique had worked and Sam became more at home mounted around her hips. Previously he had only managed one or two half hearted thrusts and not really even penetrating Lulu before losing interest and dismounting. Now with some coaching of Lulu's arched back position it obviously felt more natural for him and his performance improved dramatically. As soon as Lulu patted her buttock and uttered the magic call, 'Onmee darling' he would mount her, his cock fully erect buried itself deep into Lulu and pump away energetically for several minutes. 

It was a bizarre yet wonderful tableau to see them humping away on the bed; Sam panting and drooling in effort, Lulu moaning in pleasure as the dog's thrusting pounded her rear end shaking her body rhythmically. It was like some perverted carnival side show, Sam gripping and pumping, Lulu gasping, her boobs swinging wildly in time to the impact of the dogs loins slapping on her arse. I was amazed at the size and length of Sam's cock, no wonder Lulu was moaning! Whilst Sam worked away Hell for Leather behind her I knelt at her head and kissed her, working my tongue deep in to her mouth as her head jerked to & fro with Sam's thrusts. I twisted and pulled her erect nipples, whispering encouragement into her ear telling her how fantastic she looked being fucked by such a big dog with such a big cock. I fed her fingers to her clit and labia where she could feel the dog's cock pounding deep into her. Her fingers got busy rubbing her clit furiously. I urged her to wank harder. Lulu always had been an 'in for a penny in for a pound' type of girl and true to form she was really going for it, panting in time with Sam, her eyes rolled up in their sockets as she shuddered in ecstasy, orgasm approaching. My main idea was to have the two 'lovers' orgasm together.  Lulu was such a slut though she never quite managed it, always cumming just before Sam spasmed in his doggy orgasm filling her with his cum! She was an unnatural natural!

Panic jump started me out of the beastly reverie as I noticed the bedside clock - it was late and it would be very, very bad to get caught here. I wandered from 'sex crime scene' to 'sex crime scene' coming to terms with the way it was now. Maybe she would tire of him, maybe he would come home to find Sam fucking her, that thought at least brought a smile back to my face. I found the folders of photos and negs in the wardrobe on the top shelf, half heartedly hidden behind some shoe boxes. I selected my favourite negatives then on the spur of the moment left the rest and all the prints, a sacrifice so as not to arouse suspicion was my parting gift to Lulu - some photos her angry man could destroy to take the heat of her. I replaced the folders and slowly slid the wardrobe door closed.

As I tiptoed along the hall, i glanced into the kitchen, there in the corner was Sam's bowl. Smiling, I left the Yale key in the little terracotta pot on the hall table and quietly slipped out of Lulu's life.

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