Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Five Bar Gate aka: The Making of a Dog Lover.

We drove North along the Ridgeway trying to decide where to go, we were both in the mood for just chilling - a quiet drink and chat in some country pub. Lulu was wearing my favorite outfit, a relatively sober, black cotton 50’s looking dress, it’s full skirt extending down to a prim, knee length hem. A matching, three inch wide belt gathered the outfit tightly in at the waist really showing off her 20 inch waist and making her 38DD boobs seem to defy gravity under the thin, sleeveless shirt top. The October evening was already darkening over the trees in Trent Park, Lulu paused from touching up her flame red lipstick to point out the giant gates that guarded the entrance.
'Wouldn’t that be a superb location to do a set of nude photographs', her eyes flicked to me then back into her make-up mirror as she in perfected her cupid’s bow shaped lips. I smiled and had a fleeting image of Lulu, naked, strung up at full stretch by her wrists, exposed for all to drink in the sight of her nakedness. I felt my cock stir in my 501's. 

As we crossed the M25, I related the story of how the ‘Subs&Doms’ contact magazine I had ordered had been delivered whilst I was away. My girlfriend had opened the manila envelope and seeing the bizarre nature of it’s contents had assumed it should have been delivered to the flat downstairs. Lulu giggled at the thought of my girlfriend angrily handing over the S&M magazine to the women downstairs. We both laughed at the odd glances and confusing signals that must have been exchanged between them - then and later. Lulu instructed me to send off for a replacement straight away as she was itching to see what the ads were like. She asked if I would like to advertise her in the magazine, “Big boobed, exhibitionist slut loves to parade for elderly gentlemen viewers”, she offered, warming to the idea. Lulu fantasized out loud - describing a scenario where she paraded around, dressed in only the skimpiest lingerie, for lecherous old gentlemen callers, teasing them breathless as they feebly tried to reached out and grope her swaying boobs.

The country pub was as drab as it’s beer and clientele so we left shortly before closing time. It was hard to hide my smirk as all male eyes tracked Lulu as she sashayed across the lounge exaggerating the sway of her arse as we headed for the door. Female eyes darkened and I swear I caught the words 'slut, tramp, bimbo' muttered as I slipped out after her - music to my ears. We circled the South Mimms roundabout above the M25, now a twin river of silver headlights and flickering red brake rights. Lulu suddenly ordered me to turn back the way we had just come from. I assumed she had left something behind in the pub but we passed the pub,  Lulu sat mute, staring intently forward at the road ahead forefinger pressed against her lips  as i circumnavigated the roundabout. After fifteen minutes the frown that had slowly developed over her face evaporated into an excited smile. She edged over towards me whispering in my ear, “Slow down and be careful....there’s a turning on the left, just here”. She pointed at what looked like solid hedgerow but as we slowed near the spot I saw a gap magically appear. Beyond the partially hidden entrance was a rough grassy track, it ended at a rusty old five bar gate, a nice, secluded spot for some in- car entertainment. A thought crossed my mind, exactly how many men before me had Lulu navigated to this place to be fucked, knickers around her ankles, knees pressed around her ears, cunt wide open ready to be filled by a nice hard cock - I smiled, remembering her mother’s trusting farewell to her as she drove off with me, ‘Have a nice time darling, don’t be too late’. I saw Lulu’s face, her sweet, duplicitous smile and the ‘Yes Mummy’ in response - the thin disguise of her ‘dutiful daughter’ act hiding her base desires. It didn’t bother me, on the contrary, it only served to remind me that it was precisely that sluttish tendency that I had seen lurking within Lulu’s character that was my only reason for spending time with her at all. I felt driven to see how far down the slut’s path Lulu would dare go under her own steam and after that, with a little encouragement from me.

I drove up the track stopping a yard or two short of the gate, I pulled up the handbrake and switched off the ignition. Once the noise of the old Ford engine had died away it was silent, then I heard Lulu’s breathing it was deep and sensual. I reached over and cupped her boobs in my hands, squeezing them together, manipulating them to their limits. Her eyes closed in ecstasy and she moaned quietly, 'Oh...yes, that feels so good, I just adore you playing with my boobs like that'. I explored her full breasts, searching out her rapidly hardening nipples. I pegged them between my forefinger and thumb drawing them out until Lulu squirmed and whimpered her eyes rolling up in their sockets as I pinched them harder. I amongst the guttural sounds of half pain – half pleasure Lulu breathed out a string of barely intelligible words that were fused by ecstasy, “OhgodIloveitsomuchwhenyouabusemelikethatIlovethefeelofmynipplesbeingpulled’npulledharder’nharder....”, she swallowed a mouthful of saliva gasping for air. She shifted her position, positioning her clit over the edge of the passenger seat upholstery - her hips began working, rubbing her vagina over the rough edge masturbating herself, her hands submissively rested by her sides, palm up. I kept up the pressure on her bullet-like nipples milking them hard and pulling them out ruthlessly, making her gasp and writhe in her seat. I released her left nipple from it’s torture and slid my hand up under her dress and in-between her knees, forcing them apart. Lulu shuddered and arched her back, uttering a little ‘Ohgodno..I beg you leave me alone', her hands pushed feebly against my probing arm. I loved this game, I roughly pushed her interfering hands away, gripped her neck and told her to lay still like a good little slut. She slumped back in the seat, her hands once again lay helpless at her sides.'Ohgodno not my cunt I beg you leave my cunt alone pleeez you bastard'... (pronounced baaahstaaahd). As I said I loved this game. 

I gathered the sopping crotch of her panties together in my fingers and slowly pulled them down. She lifted her hips allowing them to slide down over her buttocks. Her cunt was like a river, my fingers slipped and slid over her labia as I searched out her clit. She rode my slick fingertip her lips clamped over my searching tongue, finally she peeled her mouth off me and gasped re- focusing herself out of the inhibition-free zone she had been inhabiting. She rested her hands flat against my chest, 'Why don’t you take me outside and use that camel crop of yours on my arse?'. She giggled and in one swift movement, unlocked and flung her door open before I could object. Through the widescreen I could just  make out her silhouette skipping like a naughty girl in front of the bonnet, I flicked the headlights on full beam and there she was bathed in golden light unclipping her brassier - ivory breasts swung, and as she turned to escape the cone of light she squealed flinging her bra at the windshield. I watched mesmerised as her gorgeous backside wiggled off into the gloom towards the gate at the end of the lane.

I rummaged around in the trunk finding the brass bound bamboo crop that had taken my fancy on a trip to the Middle East mixed up with a load of dirty old bell wire. Lulu waited by the gate and obediently placed her hands behind her back to be tied. I laced her wrists together with the wire and lifted them, forcing her to bend forward until her head was level with the gap between the second and third horizontal metal bars of the gate. Even in the dim light of the gateway the sight of her hips and backside thrust out in a perfectly rounded target was very horny. I nudged her with my hips and she tottered forwards on her four inch high heels, the chains that held the old gate closed made a loud grating noise as her shoulders and boobs pushed through the gap in the bars. I kept her moving forwards by pushing up against her buttocks with my pelvis. Through the thin black cotton of her dress, the valley of her backside molded itself against my rock hard penis. I pushed her on until she had shuffled forward so her thighs pressed up against the lower bars of the gate, it was a fantastic sensation. Now Lulu was all mine, I looped another length of wire between her bound wrists and tied it off around the upper bar in a semi strappado, which was now just above the small of her back. I stepped back and patted her perfectly presented backside.

I climbed over the gate, making it and Lulu shake violently, she yelped in surprise teetering left and right desperately trying to keep her balance. I placed the heel of my palm under her chin and grasped her face, slowly hoisting her head up. My thumb and index finger dug into her cheeks just enough to shape her lips into an exaggerated pout. Lulu struggled as if to escape - knowing full well that seeing her wriggle and writhe in that helpless position would add to my erotic thrill. I hoisted her head back, panting from the exertion of her struggles she strained to look up at me. Her eyes were like saucers, rolling up in their sockets to see if I was turned on by her display. I answered her query by opening my fly and offering her my stiffening cock - the gap between the second and third bar wedged Lulu’s upper body at a extremely convenient height and with her head forced back by my hand, her parted lips were exactly at penis height. Lulu’s eyes locked onto my erect cock her tongue reaching eagerly out to taste it’s purple head. I heard her moaning in frustration as I gently slipped my hand away from her chin - without it’s support her head slowly drooped, my cock rubbing up the full length of her face as it sank down.

I reached into my pocket for some more lengths of white bell wire. I gathered her shoulder length hair into a top knot ponytail and hoisted her face back into it’s optimum cock sucking level. Lulu accepted my throbbing dick between her warm soft lips, her head nodded and tilted left and right as she expertly massaged it’s head with her tongue. I wound the bell wire around the base of the top knot four times, tying it off to the top bar of the gate. I slowly pulled my hand from under her chin, the wire took the strain, keeping Lulu’s head supported just like a puppet’s. She groaned as her hair gradually tightened on her scalp, but with her mouth full of my cock it sounded like moans of pleasure anyway. I noticed with some satisfaction, that every few minutes she had to shift the weight on her hips to try to ease the discomfort in her shoulder joints. I watched her body trying to cope with it’s new, unnatural position; hips swayed, feet shuffled and her legs flexed. Lulu’s tongue was driving me to ejaculate into her hungry mouth with expert ease, not wanting to come that quickly I was forced to pull my cock out of her sucking lips. I slipped my saliva varnished cock back into my jeans and climbed back over the gate. It was time to admire the view from the other side of the gate and pay Lulu’s backside some attention. I fished out some more bits of bell wire and squatted down behind Lulu gripping her right ankle, separating it from her left - I tied it off to the lowest bar of the gate and went to work on her left ankle. The gate clanked as I tightened the wires binding Lulu’s ankles in place, she tried to flex her legs but there was very little room for her to maneuver now. I heard her gasp again, forcing her legs three feet apart had increased the angle her shoulders were strained at, Lulu grunted and tried to shift her position but only succeeded in wiggling her bottom around provocatively. I slowly slid my hands up the backs of her legs starting at her ankles, she trembled as they reached up under her billowing dress caressing her buttocks and inner thighs. I explored the crotch of her panties with my thumb, ploughing up and down the soaking furrow of her vagina and circling around her rock hard clitoris. Lulu’s head swayed and nodded contentedly, like a dairy cow’s in a milking stall. I moved up to her hips, my fingers snagging the waistband of her panties. I inched them down until their black cotton was stretched tightly between her knees displaying a silver streak of shining cunt juice along the length of the gusset. 

Once again Lulu struggled against her wire bindings in a futile but cock hardening effort to escape her fate. She had become so good at playing her part, I even heard her cry halfheartedly for ‘Help!’, her reedy voice drifting into the dark meadow beyond her gate/prison. I gathered up the hem of her dress lifting it up to the small of her back revealing the two, magnificent, alabaster white hemispheres of her buttocks. I spanked her hard, six on each cheek, Lulu and the gate shuddered with each impact. I caressed her cheeks, letting my fingers soothe some of the heat out of her reddening bottom, they wandered up between her legs and sought out her slick labia. Lulu strained to look at me over her shoulder, 'The crop....please crop my arse....I beg you Master', she whined.
I pulled the bamboo crop from my belt and let it rest across her buttocks awhile, rolling it tantalisingly up and down. I gave her a couple of gentle strokes then ran my hands roughly over those superb white cheeks. I aimed and then swung two hard strokes, the gate rattled and Lulu whimpered, 'Oh that’s so good Master....go harder on me...give it to my arse harder..really stripe me'. I swung my arm and gave her three harder strokes on each cheek, reveling in the cracking sound the bamboo made against her smooth white skin. 

The gate shuddered again it’s chain clinked, then quietness, broken only by Lulu’s horny panting. I pulled my cock out in readiness to fuck Lulu’s opened up cunt but something made me freeze for a moment, listening. A rushing rustling sound was emanating from the meadow. To my horror, out of the darkness of the field, a soaking wet pointer bounded up to the gate and proceeded to gleefully lick Lulu’s face. She spluttered and winced as her face was shellacked by the eager dogs slimy tongue. My second thought was, ‘Oh my god where’s it’s owner’, my first thought was ‘I’d better hide my erect penis before the dog mistook it for a pink bonio!’. I fumbled awkwardly with my bobbing cock as the dog, it’s tail wagging twenty to the dozen, squirmed through the bars of the gate post to my side where he jumped up and licked my face in friendly greeting. I patted his head and pushed him down. My third thought had been to release Lulu as quickly as I could, but the dog kept jumping up at me covering my jeans with muddy paw prints and doggy slobber. Before I could even think of untying Lulu the dog swung his nose around towards Lulu’s rear end. I watched in awful fascination as he gingerly approached her naked backside, which was presented like some heaven scent sniffer dog prize. Lulu hoarsely whispered, 'Keep that fucking dog away from me!!'. I felt my heart beat quicken as I watched Lulu flex her hips and tense her legs against the wires, trying to keep her arse a safe distance from her new canine suitor. Sadly for Lulu she may as well been welded to the gate in that open and vulnerable position, she struggled to look around to her rear, whimpering in helpless panic she saw the expression on my face, 'You bastard, stop him...please,no!', she breathlessly exclaimed.
The dog waved his nose over the crotch of Lulu’s knickers sucking in eager nose-fulls of the intense female scent that coated the black cotton of her knickers. his long pink tongue lapped at the slimy crotch clearing the nectar in double quick time. Lulu flinched again as it’s cold nose touched the back of her knees. I could see the dog sniffing, searching for the source of those gorgeous female juices. Lulu stiffened as the dog drove his snout deep in-between her legs, snuffling and shellacking her cunt with hot slobber.
'Get this fucking dog offa me!!!!' Lulu’s desperate plea was cut off by the sound of a plummy female voice calling out from direction of the end of the track, “Harry! Haa - rry!”.
I told Lulu to shut up if she didn’t want to be discovered in that terribly embarrassing position.
'Just stop the dog...oh uuh...hurry please, oooh uhhhh..''godnoshit...pull it offa from me', she whispered desperately.

Harry was making hay in Lulu’s vagina whilst the sun shone, he was also making disgusting slurping noises. I turned to head off Harry’s mistress before she discovered poor Lulu in that compromising situation. I stopped and looked carefully at Lulu, I was pretty sure that Lulu’s hip movement had subtly altered improving the dog’s access to her clit. Lulu’s head hung loosely by her hair, she gasped but not in horror this time. Her pelvis worked her vagina up and back into the relentless tongue of Harry. I heard her gasp again, a gasp I readily recognised. Well, well, well......I had discovered a new depth to my new slut. Maybe, I thought evilly, I should keep Harry’s owner talking for a few minutes and let this experience thoroughly embed itself into Lulu’s libido. I was very excited at the prospect of exploiting this new found degradation and the thought of being able to encourage Lulu into becoming a practicing dog fucker was an incredible turn-on. What a fantastic party piece for the future that would be. The sounds Lulu was emitting were, by now, explicitly carnal in nature, maybe the slut wouldn’t need that much encouragement in perfecting her newly discovered sexual hobby.
I squeezed passed the Cortina and called out to the lady. I told here that Harry had shot past me down the lane a few moment before, I described the dog in minute detail and engaged the woman in friendly banter about Harry’s muddy paw prints on my jeans, prolonging our encounter and Harry’s quality time with Lulu’s cunt. I reckoned a few moments was all Harry needed to bring Lulu to her first ever doggy orgasm but if I had anything to do with it , definitely not her last. I returned to find Lulu alone, bent, tied, knickers down, legs splayed, vagina gaping open for all to see. As for Harry, all that remained was a solitary muddy paw print on Lulu’s right buttock, like the signature of an artist.

I untied Lulu and we sat back in the car. Lulu was subdued but relatively calm. She thanked me for cropping her bum so nicely and assured me that the dog incident would be forgotten if I promised never to tell anyone that she had gotten a little carried away because the dog‘ s tongue found her clit. We drove quietly back towards Enfield and to show she was happy again her hand unzipped my fly and hauled out my cock.
'You didn’t get your fuck Master, please allow me to satisfy you with my hand'. It was blissful driving along with Lulu expertly wanking me off, her hand steadily pumping my hard cock, she smiled slyly, 'You’re a very naughty Master, I saw you watching that horrid doggy licking my could have stopped it couldn’t you Master?'. I nodded, smiling back at her now grinning face. I pulled over into a lay-by as a huge wave of sexual joy swept over, I narrowly avoided some conctrete posts and slewed raggedly to a halt. Lulu was unphased by my stunt driving, her hand still pumping me towards my orgasm, carried on her post mortem of the incident.
'Did you enjoy watching that doggy giving me a blow job? It was horrid master, I could feel his big slippery tongue prising my cunt apart and then lick me from my arsehole to my clit. It took my breath away..I hated it so but I couldn’t escape was awful Master...then before I knew what was happening to me I got all turned on and I realised I was absolutely loving that dirty dog licking my cunt...I couldn't wait for it to mount me and drive it's dog cock right into my pussy it was so disgusting to be debased and used by a dog for it's pleasure... it felt so forbidden but so horny too....I just couldn’t help but enjoy my total degradation by that filthy must think I’m just a dirty little slut Master, I wouldn’t blame you if you gave me away to the first lorry driver that pulled in here'.
As I came she yelped in delight and dove eagerly down onto my spurting cock, sucking the semen up greedily. She was keen not to miss one single drop of my come and in her eagerness she slurped and slobbered just like Harry had earlier.

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