Monday, April 18, 2011

Before the dawn, darkness

The heat of the afternoon had dissipated enough for me to enjoy the cool garden air wafting in through the patio doors. My reflection coyly glanced back at me in the glass of the french windows as I practiced some cum-hither poses. Seamed stockings, high heels and a super tight corset under an even tighter sheer black peignoir, quite a slutty reflection in this stuffy suburban neighbourhood. It was such a deliciously naughty thrill to be parading about on the patio even though the fully leafed trees that surrounded the garden ensured it was actually very private.

I turned and experimented with different pouts and girlie giggles over my shoulder - in a kind of: 'Oh my! I've been surprised in my lingerie by a horny workman'... type of scenario. Even after a steamy afternoon entertaining my gentleman friend the sight of the black georgette accentuating the round, white cheeks of my posterior caused my cockette to stir in it's tiny g-string. I quickly looked away not wanting to be lured into an exhausting session of reflective, stroking self-love.

A sudden chill breeze caressed my peignoir matching the erotic thrill of the mirror play that coursed through me. I turned to strike another pose when, out of the corner of my eye, I spied the kitchen door slowly swing open. My heart leapt, the breeze from the garden would normally have caused that door to close not swing open. I carefully walked back into the kitchen to double check that my sister or another unexpected guest hadn't let themselves in, that would have been embarrassing to say the least. To my relief the hallway was empty and silent. I turned back to the lounge, a breath brushed gently across my shoulders, I spun round but I was alone. My heart pounded, it felt like a lover's passionate overture, yet I stood alone in the hallway.

I hurried upstairs in a tizzy, a strong feeling that someone was dogging my girlie footsteps and by the base sounds of the excited, slobbering breaths they were enjoying the view of my rear as it wiggled up to the top landing. Gasping for breath I frantically tried the door knob to my dressing room but it was stiff and unyielding, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get it to turn yet I was certain I had left it open. From the hallway downstairs I heard a floorboard creak - a deliberate footstep. I leaned over the bannister to peer down the stairwell, I couldn't see anyone but I was sure I was hearing footsteps ascending the stairs to the lower landing. Then shockingly, I felt a cool hand slide snakelike up the back of my leg, long fingers traced my stocking's seam and up over the stocking tops, curling lascivioulsy around my bare inner thighs. They moved slowly, savouring the delicate, freshly shaven skin it found there.  I held my breath as the hem of my peignoir tightened and was slowly lifted to lay bare my cheeks. Fear rooted my high heels to the spot paralysing me in that most compromising and vulnerable position. The cool hands roamed over every inch of my trembling body, I felt I was being painted and the more coats the hands slathered over me the more my real self was made feint, gradually replaced by an altogether darker, femme feeling persona. It was tantamount to a corporeal coup d'etat, the presence was replacing my real ego and making my femme alter ego surface to take charge.

An erotoelectric charge coursed through me and chased out my terror converting it into another emotion altogether, ecstasy. Extreme pleasure bloomed throughout my core, fired by the exquisite touch of expert hands and the sight of my shimmering, writhing body only added fuel to that sensory blaze. Blurring shadowy forms, barely visible now moved behind me and a rippling hand closed around my erect cockette. My moans of pleasure seemed to be echoed by appreciative, encouraging, deep masculine grunts. The footsteps from the stairway were close now and soon a second pair of ghostly hands began exploring my arching body, they found my nipples and began to roughly tweak and pull them. I immediately orgasmed a jet of hot white girlie cum violently across the landing. I almost fainted with shuddering tsunami of pleasure that engulfed me but I surfaced, ready for more. Hands deliciously caressed my exposed cheeks and inner thighs, gently pulling my cheeks apart and silky chills explored my revealed pussyhole.  I was unable to stop moaning and flexing in a second orgasm, more juice shot from my buzzing clitty.

The two ghostly lovers worked in tandem swapping roles as each enjoyed their victim's carnal delights, my clitty vibrated and throbbed as unseen lips and tongues made me cum and cum again, my girlie juice greedily drunk down and magically disappearing. I leered in joy as my, pussyhole aching to be stretched and used by my spirit lovers, felt the head of an enormous penis burrow it's way determindly into me until I was helplessly gasping for breath. Weak as a kitten from the multiple orgasms I sagged like a rag doll but hands now held me in perfect position to be fucked. The granite cock thrust deeply inside me and began to pump. This was different to the pleasurable foreplay and the hands that now clamped roughly onto my hips felt ice cold and claw-like. My pussyhole burned with an unbearably intense, itching pleasure, each stroke of the cock stabbing deeper into my centre. The cock's owner stiffened and I tried to scream but a claw clamped itself over my gaping mouth. Silently, a white as ice tide of ghostly cum ejaculated inside me. I jerked and spasmed like a puppet and like a puppet I felt the ties of the puppeteers strings being tightened around my freewill, each fresh jet of cum delivered another facet of my 'self' in bondage to this new Master. Through half closed eyes - I dreamily glimpsed snapshots of my future; I was in a dank alleyway sucking cock for pennies, climbing into lorry cabs to be fucked by a dozen immigrants horny from a month's containerisation, dancing naked on the tawdry stage of a grimy London pub. Cleverly duped into a life of vice by my ghostly lovers in the service of a more powerful Master.

I awoke with a start, my baby doll nightie damp and twisted, my chest heaving, brow shiny with cold sweats. I glanced at the clock 03:56. Thank god that was just a dream. I slipped on my Maribu mules, tiptoed to the bathroom and greedily drank gulps of cool water straight from the tap. I flicked on the light glancing at my reflection. Shock swept over me, my face was expertly made up; lipstick and liner, heavy eye make up, long false lashes, topped off by a large bottle blonde bouffant wig. Panic rose in my heart; I tried to pull the wig off but it appeared to be glued tightly onto my scalp, I tried and failed to peel off the lashes, I grabbed a cleansing tissue to clean the thick make up off but after a vigorous rub the tissue was pristine not one iota had been removed. I moved to the full length mirror and on close examination my form was subtly altered, I was hairless, my breasts had swollen slightly, they weren't boobs exactly but they gave that impression, my hips had risen and filled out enough to make me look passable.... I pulled the g-string aside in a panic...OMG my cockette, never a big one was now teeeny!!! In the mirror a shimmer moved behind me and a deliciously slimy finger pulled the string aside and sought out my pussyhole, another engulfed my new clitty which was instantly erect......but worst of all was my expression.....inside I was horrified and struggling furiously to escape or at least cry for help but outside I pouted and smiled coquettishly lifting the frilly hem of my baby doll eager to accommodate my ghostly Masters every whim.