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Cardboard City

It was August 1986 and my final year at film school was coming to an end. Lulu had failed her business management course the previous year but instead of running home to Mummy and Daddy in London, she had chosen to stay and complete her training. Now transformed from a plain office girl into my slut/slave she devoted herself to me - dressing to please me, obedient without question, concerning herself only with me, her Master.
We rented a comfortable house in a quiet neighbourhood, not at all standard student lodgings. Built in the thirties it was a roomy family house with a pleasant garden and space enough for me to complete Lulu's training undisturbed. Our luxurious surroundings were entirely due to Lulu's outrageous flirting with her college's Accommodation Officer, a paunchy, middle-aged man called Alan Brown. When she appraised me of his lustful glances and prolonged chats in the corridors I agreed with her assessment of the situation. Lulu phoned and made a tearful appointment with Mr Brown, inventing a violent Turkish ex-boyfriend who had tracked her from London to her present lodgings.
I had taken great care in choosing Lulu's outfit for that very important appointment. Whilst she attended to her make-up, I selected some suitable items from her wardrobe; a pair of cheap white high heels, a grey wrap-around skirt, that would drape open nicely when she sat down to reveal her pale white stocking tops and white suspenders, finally a virginal white cotton blouse under which she wore no bra. I waited for Lulu in the car park, hoping she had swung us some decent lodgings. She made her way through the maze of parked cars with a huge smile on her face. Mr Brown, who apparently couldn't decide whether to stare at her stocking tops or her tits, had picked up the phone and sorted out the house on the spot, urging her to phone him if that boyfriend found her again. Two days later we moved into our new private playground.
I particularly remember coming home one hot, summer afternoon not long after we had moved in, Lulu had obviously spent the day cleaning and tidying the house. The old place looked immaculate, the carpets had been hoovered and even the cushions arranged neatly on the chairs. I flopped down on the settee, from the kitchen Lulu called out, "Fancy a glass of wine Master?". I grunted an affirmative.
Lulu walked in with a glass of white wine carefully balanced on a little silver tray. She was naked save for her five inch black patent serving spikes and her black leather dog collar, on the tray alongside the glass of chardonnay was her matching dog leash.
"I'm sorry Master, it's only a cheap one - I hope it's not too tart?", she arched her beautifully pencilled eyebrow cheekily.
I sipped the wine; Lulu maintained her slightly bowed position allowing me to enjoy her superb boobs swaying before my eyes. I reached out gently brushing her hardening nipples then took the wine and the leash off the tray.
"Mmmm - perfect my dirty little slut", I noticed that her inner thighs glistened with cunt juice, " I do hope you haven't been masturbating without permission again", Lulu looked down guiltily. I sighed, "Put the tray away and dance for me", "Yes Master" she whispered.
Lulu walking in stilettos was a very horny sight - one that was guaranteed to flush all available blood into my cock. She bent over our CD collection, gently setting her tray down on the floor, legs straight, hips tilted back so as to make her dripping vagina readily available for my inspection. She selected a CD; it was a slow and sleazy dance compilation. I lay back on the settee and unbuttoned my jeans, my hard cock bounded eagerly out into the open air. Lulu faced the bay window, the net curtains moved gracefully in the late afternoon breeze, she began to move to the rhythm of the first track. The flimsy white curtains can only have partially obscured the view of Lulu dancing for any passer-by who cared to look in, still Lulu began her horny performance. I slowly fondling my erect cock as Lulu writhed and gyrated to the music for me. It was hot, despite the open window, her naked form shimmered with excited perspiration. It had been a long journey from those first faltering sessions in her parent's lounge, to the uninhibited performance Lulu now eagerly displayed, she moved and flexed her body expertly allowing me perfect views of her every orifice and curve. Lulu's eyes, heavy with my favourite blue make-up, stared absently out through the net curtains at some people walking passed the garden wall, her breathing quickened.
Deep inside that suburban girl's psyche had been buried not only a slut but also a serious exhibitionist. On our car journeys to and from London Lulu had made a habit of removing her knickers and fondling my cock into an erection, spending most of the journey time with her head bobbing up and down over my writhing crotch. She would braced her foot up against the dashboard, splaying her cunt wide open so I could catch glimpses of her fingers delving in and out of her sopping vagina. She paid no attention to the passing lorry driver's hoots of appreciation at their view of Lulu's busy fingers, on the contrary she would widen her legs and pull her fingers away to allow them a clear look at her spread cunt. On more than one occasion during the summer, she had stripped herself naked, reclining the passenger seat right back to wank herself off in comfort. I'll never forget her smiling sweetly back at one coach, it's windows full of shocked and amazed faces. On other occasions Lulu had begged me to pull over and fuck her in the woods just by the roadside, cars whizzing by just feet away as I pumped my cock into her from behind.
Lulu seemed to love the thought of people, strangers, seeing her being abused or abusing herself - so long as there was a distance or barrier between danger and her - as in my speeding car or in the front room behind the semi obscurity of the net curtains. Lulu's eyes swung away from the gaggle of chattering Mums and whinging kiddies that had passed so near her naked gyrating form, onto my stiff cock. Her lips glistened with saliva as she watched me test the hardness of my erection with my forefinger and thumb. I gently stroked the head, spreading out the shiny lubricant that spilt from my slit, making Lulu salivate even more. She was dying to wrap her ruby reds around my cock to suck out and swallow every last jet of my semen. She lay down on the carpet and drew her knees up to her breasts, her cunt was gaping wide open, it's lips puffy with her fuck-me desire and juice flowed freely down over her pert arsehole. She looked innocently up at me, her fingers poised above her shaven pussy, "May I Master?". I nodded and her fingers fell greedily on her cunt, roughly pulling up the skin of her clit hood, exposing the shiny nub for her forefinger to ruthless rub - she gasped, her hips twitching violently. She leant over, grabbing a half empty wine bottle that stood on the hearth. Her tongue stuck lasciviously out, she speedily positioned the neck of the bottle over her erect clit with practiced expertise. I was instantly transported back to the time when Lulu confessed that when she was thirteen she had discovered that a bottle was a better wanking device than her young, inexpert fingers. I visualised Lulu sneaking out to the empty wine bottles by the bins in her pyjamas to exploit the carnal delights of the slick glass against her young clit. I was in heaven, watching her abusing herself, panting with ecstasy, free hand plucking fiercely at each erect nipple in turn. Lulu flicked the neck of the bottle rapidly against her clit, she was truly an expert at this method of self abuse, the tendons in her neck stood out like ropes as she gasped through clenched teeth.
"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I'm a dirty little cow, I'm your dirty little slut, I love being owned by you..... just look at me Master, aren't I the dirtiest little slut ever".....with moans of delight she spasmed onto the bottle - it sank into her dripping cunt to the label, she worked the bottle deep into her vagina with several corkscrew jerks of her pelvis, she spasmed again and again drawing herself on and off the bottle with inch perfect precision. I rolled off the settee and began sucking her nipples. Lulu orgasmed again and hoarsely whispered," I beg you Master please fuck me now". I clipped the leash onto the d-ring of her collar and pulled her along on all fours towards the stairs. I flicked at her swaying buttocks with the leash, whipping her up to the bedroom where she spent six hours with her ankles pressed behind her ears and my cock buried deep in her cunt. We had fucked twice a day for nearly half a year but we both agreed that was a new pinnacle.
In September, after the Film School degree show, I took Lulu to a party thrown by a London Film Society. It was a big affair with plenty of free champagne and food, a students dream come true. Lulu was half drunk when we arrived and alarm bells rang in my head as I watched her down two glasses of bubbly in quick succession. Lulu was a big girl now and I had to mingle but I decided to keep an eye on her. I watched her getting more and more drunk, her breasts swelling out of her half unbuttoned blouse. She cruised the party drunkenly spilling drinks and generally making a nuisance of herself. She flirted overtly with boyfriends in front of their girlfriends. Lulu was riding for a fall. I determined to take her home but she had given me the slip in the throng of partygoers. I finally caught up with her slumped on a set of back stairs her flimsy black g-string round her ankles and some sleazy old guy getting ready to fuck her. I pulled Lulu, away much to her annoyance, "Hey!..he was nice....he promised to fuck me...". We left the disappointed man on the stairs, his erection fading fast. Outside, the cool night air hit Lulu - she vomited everywhere.
It was a fair hike to Embankment tube station and Lulu was like a wobbling drag-anchor. I certainly didn't have enough money for a taxi so we would have to cut through the South Bank walkway complex, known as Cardboard City. I gathered up Lulu as best I could and we descended into the maze of grimy concrete passageways. This dingy place was a nightmare of underground walkways which the homeless and hopeless of London had made there own domain. In one area called the Bull Ring scores of shacks made out of cardboard and bread crates had created a disgusting shanty town. It was almost a no-go area for the police. I tried to hurry Lulu who seemed to have sobered up a little, she pushed me away berating me for rudely dragging her out of the party. She wasn't a pretty sight, her mascara was streaked and her coat was covered in thick orange vomit. The smell was overpowering and half in rage half in disgust she wrestled the soiled coat off and threw it at me. I tried but failed to dodge the sticky puke which plastered my upraised arm. I shouted at her violently to 'Fuck off!'. Lulu obliged, tottering off in her party spikes and mini skirt, her blouse half undone - she wouldn't survive five seconds in that concrete shit hole looking like that.
She spun round swaying and screamed at me viciously, "You and your fancy, fucking, film friends......you fuck off.....go on fuck off back to your ponsy party". Her screeching voice echoed around the concrete pillars. I leant against the wall and watched her swerve down the walkway her heels clicking out like Morse code. I should have run after her and carried her home by force but I too had drunk a fair amount and Lulu's shrieking insults, added to the stench of her vomit, had stung me into a 'let's teach the slut a lesson' mode.
I followed down the passage at a discrete distance but turning the corner I was presented by the sight, not of a contrite Lulu but by empty tunnels - it was a three way junction. Lulu had gone, I was totally taken aback - in just a couple of seconds that stupid girl had covered about twenty metres. I sprinted to where the tunnels met and listened for the tell-tale click of her heels but there was no sound. I couldn't believe it, I ran down the first tunnel which stretched for about fifty metres then curved back towards the direction of the LWT tower. I rounded the corner - no Lulu - she can't have made it that far. I sprinted back up the ramp to the junction to try the next tunnel. She could be anywhere by now.
An echoing murmur of music came from up ahead, I hurried to a bend in the third walkway, there below me was a gang of maybe six or seven guys skateboarding on the steep slopes of a concrete bowl - a perfect skateboarding environment inadvertently created by the arsehole architect who had designed the South Bank monstrosity. They had a ghetto blaster balanced on the concrete balustrade, it was thumping out hard techno dance music.
There down by a far passageway stood Lulu, laughing and chatting to three men who were sat on the floor with their backs to the graffiti splattered wall. The little group were too far away for me to make out any detail or hear what they were saying but I felt better with my errant slut, not safe but at least back in view. One of the men was pumping his arms in time with the music the other offered Lulu a cigarette. They were joined by a forth man, who appeared out of a narrow passageway beyond them, he handed Lulu a bottle, incredibly she took a swig of whatever it was. He leant close and spoke in her ear, I could see her laugh. He grabbed the bottle back and launched into a ridiculous pastiche of a techno dance, wildly exaggerating his arm and leg movements. I saw Lulu laugh again, it looked as though these men were her long lost friends.
I stood and looked down on Lulu chatting with the men and sharing their drink, debating what to do. Should I just walk away and leave her to her fate? What game was she playing? Had she assumed I would follow and be watching her exploits, ready to save her if things got out of control. I couldn't just leave her but she certainly deserved a lesson. I decide to wait and play along with her just see what happened.
The skateboarders completely ignored the motley gang around Lulu, they were far too engrossed with each other’s skateboarding tricks to wonder what a girl like Lulu was doing in such scummy company. Bottle-man, who was obviously the ring leader, was talking frantically to Lulu who seemed to be laughing at everything the man said or did. The seated men joined in Bottle-man's chorus, they wanted Lulu to dance to the raging techno track. Bottle-man 'helped' her with a big swig of Dutch courage, one hand draped around her shoulders the other pushing the bottle upright over Lulu's gulping mouth. Amazingly, Lulu had placed her arm around his waist, her thumb hooked in his belt loop. I really had no idea whether Lulu was banking on me spectating or whether in her drunken state she had genuinely abandoned herself to these dubious characters in some cock-eyed plan to punish me. Down there amongst the garbage, human and otherwise, she looked like a cheap tart with her low-life council estate boyfriends. I felt myself being turned on by the spectacle of Lulu flirting to make me jealous but unwittingly degrading herself in the process.
Bottle-man was urging Lulu to dance with him, he started to bump his hips against hers in time with the music swinging her arms and twisting her around - she relented and joined in the swaying movements. It was as though a switch had been thrown in Lulu's brain, she broke away from him and began to move to the music much to joy of her new friends. She danced an unsteady version of her 'Milk Maid' performance. I thought she would keel over immediately but she danced well considering, spinning round and wiggling her backside at her audience - fuelled by drink and anger Lulu didn't seem to care that there was no magic barrier down there between those sex-hungry dogs and her body. Her audience went wild and she loved it.
The Bottle-man moved in on her from behind, he slyly held the tail of her blouse whilst she gyrated until it had been fully pulled out of the waistband of her mini skirt. Lulu either didn't mind or hadn't noticed, she danced on unperturbed. Her blouse, only held by two or three buttons, now worked it's way off her right shoulder showing generous amounts of her right shoulder and breast. He laughed and smiled but even from my distant viewpoint it was obvious that every move was driven by one aim, to acquire Lulu for himself and his disgusting mates. He moved behind Lulu, who was laughing again, and grabbed her hands to lift them aloft with his. It was another clever move - he had grabbed her sleeves near the elbow so as he lifted Lulu's arms up her blouse was lifted well clear of her wildly bouncing boobs. His companions cheered and laughed at the display of Lulu's tits, they continued dancing until her blouse buttons gave up the ghost and it fell open. Bottle-man moved in again but this time he tickled Lulu under the ribs, she doubled over laughing, he quickly pulled the tail of her blouse over her head. It was like a magician tugging a tablecloth from under a laid table without disturbing the wine glasses or place settings. The flapping garment was suddenly fluttering through the air, thrown to one of the seated men. Lulu staggered back in surprise, her big breasts, momentarily liberated, swung provocatively across her chest - she quickly crossed her arms over her tits shouting angrily at the man holding her blouse. Now both her hands were occupied Bottle-man moved around behind Lulu and began flicking up her skirt, revealing tantalising flashes of Lulu's round white buttocks. She kept pace with him warding off his invading hands. Lulu laughed as though they were engaged in some kind of a playground game.
The men upped the stakes. The one holding the blouse got up and tied it round his wrist waving it out of Lulu's reach like flag. Now Lulu had two sets of hands to defend against and it was proving too much. They came at her from both sides in a pincer movement. Lulu couldn't stop them, they pulled up her skirt and when she moved her hands down to ward them off they grabbed handfuls of her exposed breasts. Round and round the game went until Lulu came to grinding to a halt. Bottle-man and his friend backed away from her as she staggered forward. Lulu shook her head and stared at the floor, hands resting on her knees her boobs swaying like twin milk white udders. Suddenly, her naked back bucked and trembled violently then with a huge effort she heaved a generous plume of vomit everywhere. The men grimaced and jumped back to avoid the splashing puke. Eventually Lulu straightened up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Bottle-man approached her tentatively, patting her gently on the back then laughing and again slipping his arm around her shoulder - in a hideously familiar gesture Lulu followed suit and put her arm around his waist, her modesty forgotten, her right boob bounced free. The men craftily ignored it and the other man manoeuvred himself on the other side of Lulu, slipping his arm over her other shoulder. Lulu incredibly put her left arm around his waist also - her boobs were now uncovered for the men to enjoy. The trio had their backs to me but I could see the back of Lulu's skirt tighten as I assumed one of her new boyfriends had lifted up the front to check out her panties. They shuffled around and I could see that Bottle-man and Lulu's other keeper were now freely handling her breasts also Bottle-man was either licking or kissing her neck. Lulu made no move to extricate herself from her two lovers. Their grubby hands were massaging and squeezing her tits, Bottle-man tugging at her erect nipples. Lulu's hands gripped their narrow hips and my stomach turned as she disgustingly, engaged Bottle-man and his friend in long French kisses each in turn - when she had finished with one she turned and sucked in the foul tongue of the other with her hungry vomit stained mouth. As his friend was occupying Lulu's mouth Bottle-man looked furtively around the concrete arena, the gang of skateboarders had packed up and drifted off down the other passageway. He and his gang had the place and Lulu to themselves.
The two seated men staggered to their feet, one leaving a pool of piss behind him, they crowded around Lulu eager to join in the free-for-all. Lulu looked down at her boobs, drinking in the sight of all those hands pawing at her soft flesh, she wriggled in pleasure, flinging her head back in ecstasy. Bottle-man fumbled with Lulu's skirt zip and her skirt fell away leaving her in her spikes and a black lace g-string. Her legs parted slightly as one of the men pulled aside her tiny g-string to access her vagina. There were shouts of delight as her shaven pussy was discovered. Lulu stiffened slightly as strange fingers probed passed her labia and up into her cunt - then she relaxed and I saw her flex her knees out slightly to accommodate the finger fucking. Her lips twisted as she, no doubt, mouthed filthy encouragement to the hands that roved over every inch of her now near-naked body.
There was some commotion from the far end of the arena, Bottle-man looked up from Lulu's tits his eyes narrowed, the skateboarders were returning. The men all moved together - her skirt, blouse and Gucci handbag were grabbed and waved like trophies as the gang ran off down the narrow passage. Leaving a bewildered semi-naked Lulu staring after them, she saw the distant shapes of the skateboarders and, in the considering her behaviour, in a ridiculous show of modesty she tried to cover her self with just her fluttering hands. Lulu panicked and with nowhere to go she turned and bolted down the narrow passage way stupidly following her tormentors. Before I could shout a warning she had taken off in pursuit of the men, her naked buttocks wiggling saucily out of sight. Once again I sprinted after her.
I heard Lulu squealing some distance away, they had lead Lulu into a trap. The passage had ended in a dingy cul-de-sac and the trap had been sprung by a piles of foul smelling garbage, Bottle-man had grabbed her by the throat and one of the others was gathering her wrists together behind her back. I crept up to a recess in the concrete wall not twenty feet from the busy gaggle of misfits. The playground games and romantic fore-play were now officially ended. They all made the most of their temporary ownership of this young girl's beautiful body. Lulu saw the look in her captor's eyes and struggled in vain to escape - pleading pathetically for them not to hurt her. Bottle-man aimed a slap at Lulu's face but she skillfully fended it off much to his embarrassment. Her wrists were roughly tied behind her back, Lulu was helpless now and bottle-man gleefully thrashed her face with several vicious open handed slaps - my heart skipped a beat as Lulu's screams echoed around the tunnels. In a terrible irony, after slapping her face hard again, they silenced Lulu by stuffing an old rag into her mouth as a gag. She struggled against them but it was too late for that, they had complete control over her now and she was gradually pulled her down onto a greasy mattress on the floor. Lulu's writhing naked body seemed alive with grubby, groping hands fondling and pulling her white flesh. Lulu's head strained to see what was happening to her body. Her nipples were kneaded and pulled erect, her cunt lips were crudely pulled apart by clumsy fingers for, in another cruel irony, a wine bottle to be shoved deep into her stretched vagina.
Despite the vicious slapping Bottle-man had administered to her face and the danger she now faced, the form of expression in Lulu's struggles gradually changed. As her head, telling her to escape - was overruled by her roughly wanked clit, telling her she was loving it. Two scrawny hands pulled her legs wide apart, Her body movements slowly transformed from struggling gang-rape victim to reluctant lover's horny responses. Her eyes puffy and already swelling shut from the beating, rag protruding from between her distended lips, she looked disgustingly debauched as she arched her back and pumped her hips onto the plunging wine bottle. Bottle-man said something to her, no doubt eliciting a promise of no more screaming, she nodded readily. The rag was pulled roughly from her mouth and in exchange he pulled out his erect cock from his grimy jeans - Lulu quickly swallowed the proffered penis, eager to please her brutal, new owners and avoid any more punishment beatings. Lulu surrounded it's purple head with her lips - her cheeks sinking inwards as she sucked hard on the throbbing member. Bottle-man relaxed and began to enjoy his blow-job, he looked down grinning at Lulu licking and sucking him for all she was worth. He patted her on the head like a proud owner with a prize bitch.
I felt my cock hardening, perhaps I should just let bottle-man's gang take possession of Lulu. What sort of nightmare life would she lead servicing all those stinking insatiable down and outs, she wouldn't get a moments rest. I pictured the silly bitch after six months of that kind of abuse, pretty face cut and disfigured from endless black eyes, complexion ruined, teeth missing, cunt and arsehole stretched beyond any useful function, incontinent and diseased. I felt a surge of sexual thrill override the guilt I had begun to feel, as I stood by and watched Lulu being abused, I unzipped my pants and began wanking my rock hard cock.
Bottle-man was struggling not to come in Lulu's mouth, I reckoned, as the Alpha male of the pack, her would want to be first to fuck her. The bottle was removed from her vagina and her buttocks were splayed open and the neck of the bottle worked steadily into her arsehole, Lulu's pelvis twitched to try to lift herself off the invading bottle but there were plenty of hands to force her back. She winced as the bottle widened her rectum cruelly. Bottle-man quivered and jerked his cock out of Lulu's gaping mouth, streams of white semen jetted over her face, splashing down onto her tits. He shouted at lulu and rained more blows at her upturned face, I saw blood spout from her nose and she gurgled and moaned as his fist landed again and again. It was way out of control now, Bottle-man had lost it big time.
I ran up as fast as I could shouting, "Police!, Police!".
Bottle-man looked up at me in shock, I used my momentum to crash into the nearest man. I heard something crunch as my bulk impacted into his flimsy frame. The man careered back landing heavily, moaning and clutching his shoulder. The rest were so shocked by the sudden change in situation that they just stood and gaped at their member sprawled out on the floor. Bottle-man opened his mouth but I launched a punch directly into his face, he too flailed back. The sight of their leader bloodied and reeling back down the passage was enough to break the spell and scare off the other two. Bottle-man wiped his bloody nose took one last look at Lulu and limped away into the darkness.
The train journey back to North London was enlivened by the stares of our fellow passengers at the appalling state Lulu was in. Dressed in just her puke-stained coat and heels, her face swollen and dirt stained, she held tightly onto my arm in shame. As the journey progressed further north the carriage emptied out leaving Lulu and I alone. I dragged her coat off her and made her kneel naked in front of me and wank herself off. After all she had been through she complied, eagerly seeking out her grubby clit. She looked down at herself and smiled, reveling in her disgusting state. She gingerly touched her swollen eye, "Do they look good Master?". I nodded and although she pleaded to be allowed to suck my cock, I forbade it. I was very horny from watching Lulu almost gang-raped by low life scum but the thought of the semen, vomit and filthy saliva of her recent boyfriends was too much. I made her admit out loud to me how much she had loved being with those men.
"Oh yes, Master...I loved every minute of it....I knew they would attack me and abuse me..it was soo horny dancing fro them teasing them letting that man strip me...the delicious anticipation of the moment they would go for it.....it felt so good with there dirty hands all over my tits and inside my cunt..", I pulled out my cock and wanked myself as Lulu breathlessly described how she had seen me watching her dance for the men, the fact that I hadn't interfered had turned her on even more, "I'm so grateful to you Master for being so generous and letting them all abuse me like that....I loved that man slapping me when I was tied up..I felt so used .....I loved that horrid man fucking me with the bottle and then fucking my arse with it too...it was so horny....... please Master....take me back to them soon. I beg you please, please....it would be so good for you to present me to them for the night to do with me as they wanted....I'd do anything for them..".
Lulu stared longingly at my hand working up and down my cock, she licked her lips, "Master.......would you like that?". I nodded, she smiled and wanked her clit with renewed vigour.
" I'm such a dirty little slut for you Master.....I'm just your little bitch on heat". As Lulu spat out the last syllables of that filthy confessional liturgy I came in her face, at the same instant she spasmed in orgasmed and slumped exhausted at my feet - my semen dripping down her cheeks onto the carriage floor.

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